Cloud Based Systems

It comes as no surprise that cloud computing has changed the way businesses operate.  Finally, the physical  security industry is “catching up” with cloud-based Access Control systems. 

Maintaining older Client-server access control systems is expensive and eventually becomes impractical to sustain. Either the associated costs of upkeep are too high, or it becomes impossible to find compatible software and hardware.  Transitioning to a cloud-based system can remove many of those concerns. You don’t have to worry about updates and upgrades. Your service provider maintains both. 

KSD Corporation offers access control solutions that satisfy the demand for anytime, anywhere access and data management.  Our solutions also offer fully responsive, 100% mobile system functionality.

The Preferred Systems We Work With


Elevator Destination Integration

It is evident that elevator destination control has established itself as the most efficient system for the vertical transportation of people in buildings.  Along with the technology is the common need to integrate security with the technology.  

The Principals at KSD have been at the forefront of the security / elevator integration. In the San Francisco Financial Region alone, KSD has orchestrated over a dozen installations. This would include the inaugural pure software elevator destination access control interface at 475 Sansome in 2008. 

Compatibility with

  • Otis

  • Thyssen Krupp

  • Kone

  • Mitsubishi

The Preferred Platforms We Work With


Commercial Real Estate Solutions

The principals at KSD Corporation have specialized in providing security solutions to the Commercial Real Estate market for the past 16 years. Strangely, most Access Control and Visitor Management platforms don’t inherently possess the correct technology and software feature set to allow Property Managers to easily manage access in their buildings.

Through the use of hosted platforms and true web applications, Physical Security is finally catching up with the IT world.  Our High Rise building systems offer, a single database that encompasses a cardholder database that can be easily managed by the building tenants, comprehensive Visitor Management with pre-registration, alarm management, door and elevator scheduling control.  This feature set is available from any web connection source and is fully responsive with mobile. 

  • Manage many facilities from anywhere, any device, any time

  • Own less equipment, administration and ongoing costs

  • Allow tenants to manage their cardholders, data and reports

  • Minimized visitor lines with preauthorized visitors and building lobby verification.

  • Automatic software upgrades

The Preferred Systems We Work With

IP Camera Systems

The evolution of IP cameras has provided a great opportunity for companies of all types to dramatically update their camera systems.  With the emergence of SAAS and mobile camera based software solutions, live viewing and forensic analysis have now become a reliable and convenient reality.

KSD believes that good system design with the correct technology can make the process of managing and protecting assets with cameras ubiquitous.  Whether with small camera systems or larger integrated platforms, our focus and solutions are based on the minimum following criteria:

  • We recommend camera systems that are powerful but not complicated. Advanced video search with quality image detail should be an easy process.

  • In addition to selecting the correct camera type for the environment, we strongly believe in specifying cameras that inherently contain remote zoom and focus. Quality camera features produce quality images.

  • “Rule Based” programming and video analytics should be utilized when practical. It’s much easier to manage cameras when the system “tells you when you should be watching!

  • Mobile and Cloud platforms are highly encouraged…See everything, from anywhere at any time!

The Preferred Platforms We Work With